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Welcome to Winterspear Dalmatians!


We are a small performance kennel located west of Leduc, Alberta. We compete in all kinds of canine sports depending on the interest our dogs have and where their passions are. Dalmatians and Papillons are both smart, athletic, versatile breeds. Our dogs live right in our homes and are raised under foot in all the chaos and love of a busy working family. With a small busy home our dogs must be social and even tempered and that they are, exposed to children, farm animals, etc. With a rural life, quite often we must travel hundreds of kilometers to compete in dog sports. Our dogs are accustomed from puppyhood to long road trips, nights in hotels, and all kinds of new environments. This is why we chose the breeds we did. Dalmatians and Papillons, when raised correctly are wonderful pets for any active family and fierce competitors in many sport. 


Before choosing any dog or breed make sure you do your homework. Not every breed is for every person and not all breeders are created equal. Find a breeder you would be happy to work with and that will support you and your dog for the lifetime of that dog and beyond. For more information on the Dalmatian breed visit the Dalmatian Club of Canada website. It has information on the breed standard, the history of the Dalmatian, a list of current versitility title holders and Breeders. The health and wellness of our dogs and our breeds in general is extremely important to us. All of our dogs recieve regular veterinary care and are health tested with all results being posted publically on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) data base and each dog is given a CHIC number which can be found of their personal page.


We are active members of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the Dalmatian Club of Canada (DCC), and the Dalmatian Club of Western Canada (DCWC).


Check out our dogs in the links above. To keep up to date on where this busy pack is and what we are up to keep an eye on our Instagram! We are always happy to talk about Dalmatians, Papillons, dog sports, or just dogs in general so don't be shy, shoot us an email if you have any questions we are happy to chat!